Best Institutes for computer science engineering in India


Plz tell me which university is good for me. I want to do computer science Engineering.

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  1. Hi,

    As you have asked specifically for CS so I am focusing this answer totally on computer science.

    The most prestigious institute for CS in India are IIT Bombay and BITS pilani.
    However other IITs are also very gud but IIT bombay is specifically best for Computer Science.

    Coming to NITs, MNIT Allahabad, MNIT Jaipur, NIT Trichy, NIT Delhi, and some other NITs also.

    Next comes to IIIT ( Indian institute of Information Technology). These are dedicated institutes for Computer Science
    and Information Technology. IIIT Allahabad is the best however other IIITs are also very good for Computer Science.
    Here I would like to mention that I will choose IIITs over NIT (except MNIT Allahabd) for computer science.

    Some state govt colleges are also very good however listing of such colleges is not possible at all because there are many like HBTI in Lucknow. There are some other famous institutes too in India like VIT, Thapar and Manipal university which are also good for CS.

    Note: Computer Science requires skills in computer languages and having those skills, institutes do not matter anywhere.
    There are instances when students from very common colleges get package up to 60 lpa in CS ( Offcampus).
    Only thing which requires in the field of computer science is knowledge which you can implement practically.
    So if you have knowledge of computer scince which u can implement practically then you can be a hero in Computer science
    from any college.
    And at each and every college you have to learn CS at your own however Colleges I have mentioned above have environment
    easy to learn CS. Whereas in other colleges you have to build environment for yourself to learn computer science.

    Always Remember – Computer Science is not studying.. it is learning and implementing.

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