Bark Referes to


Bark Referes to –

(a) phellem + phellogen + phelloderm

(b) periderm + cortex

(c) phellem + phelloderm + secondary phloem

(d) periderm + cortex + pericycle + secondary phloem

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  1. Jagrati Parashar

    Ans. (a) phellem + phellogen +phelloderm . 
    Bark includes no. Of different tissues . Cork is an external , secondary tissue that is impermeable to water and gases  and also called the  *phellem*.
     The cork is produced by the cork cambium which is a layer of meristamatically active cells which serve as lateral meristem for the periderm . The cork cambium which is also called the *phellogen* .
    The phelloderm which is not always present in all barks is a layer of cells formed by an interior to the cork cambium.
    Together the phellem (cork) , phellogen (cork cambium) , and the phelloderm constitute the periderm .

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  2. Jagrati Parashar

    In this question there are two cases .

    If asked about*outer bark* then option 1 i.e.  phellem+ phellogen + phelloderm is correct. 

    And if *inner bark* is asked then option 4 i.e . Periderm + cortex +pericycle + secondary phloem . Is correct.

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