Arrangement of letters of word “ALLAHABAD”


In how many ways the vowels of the word ALLAHABAD will occupy the even places

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  1. Hi Rahul

    ALLAHABAD = 9 letters

    Out of these 9 letters, there is 4 A’s and 2 L’s are there.
    So, permutations =
    9!/(4!.2!)= 7560.

    There are 4 vowels and all are alike 4A’s.
    _2 _4_6_8_

    These even places can be occupied by 4 vowels. In 4!/4! = 1 Way.

    In remaining five places 5 other letter can be occupied of which two are alike, 2L’s.

    The number of ways = 5!/2! Ways.

    Hence, the total number of ways in which vowels occupy the even places = 5!/2! *1 = 60 ways.


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