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There were 200 fishes in an aquarium, 99% of which were red. How many red fishes must be removed to make the percentage of red fishes 98%?

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  1. Hello There!

    Quant demands better perception. In Quant, every question is not mathematics. Learn calculations, learn to realise and analyse problems and please do have an intelligent look at options too.

    In such a problem, though there is surely a mathematical approach to the problem, and the question can be solved by constructing equations, but it is true that no matter how much efficient you are in mathematics,
    your process would take more time than mine.

    For 98% red fishes, the funda is ‘TWO OUT OF HUNDRED’ should not be red.
    And we already know that two fishes are already not red.
    So, the need is only to make total number 100.
    So, Out of 200 fishes, 100 fishes should be taken out.

    Thanks, Happy Learning! 🙂

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