Amazing facts about Sahara Desert


What are some amazing facts about Sahara Desert?


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  1. Here are some amazing facts about Sahara Desert.

    The area of Sahara desert is approximately three times that of India. ( Area of Sahara Desert = 8.54 million square kilometer and that of India is 3.2 million square kilometer.)
    The rocky surfaces in the Sahara desert are as much as 2500 m high.
    Cave paintings in Sahara desert show that there used to be rivers with crocodiles. Elephants, lions, giraffes, ostriches, sheep, cattle and goats were common animals.
    Al Azizia in the Sahara desert, south of Tripoli, Libya recorded the highest temperature of 57.7°C in 1922.
    Scientists have actually found skeletons of fish in this desert.
    Tafilalet Oasis in Morocco (a part of Sahara Desert) is a large oasis with an area of about 13,000


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