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Sir I want to join Upsc from commerce section so how can I join it.

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UPSC & State PSC's Aditya Nandan 1 year 6 Answers 471 views 0

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  1. Hello Aditya!
    Thanks for asking this question. Many students are confused how can they join central govt. from their stream and such queries are flooded across web, but decent answers are mostly unavailable.

    Here is your answer:
    THERE IS NO RESTRICTION FOR SCIENCE/COMMERCE/ARTS for joining Central Govt. and anyone can join. Same and common processes are there. UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) conducts Civil Services Exam and also many other exams but you seem to be interested in IAS/IPS/IRS. You must first complete your graduation and you can apply for Civil services exam directly from UPSC website in or after your graduation final year. Website is http://www.upsc.gov.in

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    • Yes sir thanks but can I directly appoint for DGP DIRECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE.

  2. Any appointment is based upon the Rank you obtain in the CIVIL Services Exam. And even Indian Police Service will not land you very first with the post of Director General of Police. You will have to work to get promotions and gradually reach there.

    First step will be getting Indian Police Service. Thereafter you will see the path automatically.

    So, Start preparing for your Examination. Prepare your General Knowledge, English, General Sciences, and One specialized subject.

    Kailasha Foundation will always be available to guide you accordingly.

    Thanks, Happy Learning!

    • Sir I want to know that can I prepare for UPSC in patna.if yes then which coaching is best in patna for UPSC.

      • You can always prepare for UPSC from anywhere. You have to prepare yourself, and coaching will only be for your satisfaction. Many coachings are there for UPSC, but Paramount, KD Campus etc are big names. Either Boring Road, or Kankarbagh Area will be good choice. And in a few months, Kailasha Foundation may also launch its course(s) for UPSC. Stay tuned.

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