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I\’m a student of BA and my main subject is economics nd subsidiary subject is History and political science so please tell me that which writter I prefer the history and political science book. Best writter of history and political science.

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  1. Ancient India by rs Verma

    And political science by subash c. Kashyap

    Please mention your year and university…so that we can help you with more precision

    Thank you

  2. Although above books cover everything but still if you want to study extensively you can refer Indian polity by lakshmikanth

    Brief history of modern India by bipin Chandra

    These are only if you want to master these subjects



    All these books cover their respective syllabus. You may refer any of these books according to your syllabus-

    1. Ancient Indian Social History: Some Interpretations
    By Romila Thapar
    2.A History of Ancient and Early Medieval India: From the Stone Age to the 12th Century by Upinder Singh
    3. Ancient Indian History and Civilization
    By Sailendra Nath Sen
    4. History of modern India – Bipin Chandra
    5. Ancient India – V.D. Mahajan

    Political Science:
    1. Political Theory- V.D.Mahajan
    2 Political Theory- R.C.Agarwal
    3. Political Theory- Eddy Asirvatham & K.K.Mishra
    4. An Introduction to Political Theory – O.P.Gauba
    5. Contemporary Political Theory – J.C.Johri
    First three books are elementary. 4th and 5th are high level books.

    6. Political Thought – J.P.Suda
    7. Political Thought – P.G.Das

    8. Indian Government and Politics – B.L.Fadia

    9. Select Constitution- A.C. Kapoor
    10. World Constitutions- Vishnoo Bhagwan & Vidya Bhushan

    11. International Relations – Palmer and Perkins
    12. Comparative Politics and International Relations – Prakash Chander and Prem Arora.

    Best answer
  4. M laxmikant

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