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Biology for NEET

Biology for NEET


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Biology is essentially an indispensable section in NEET exam as it is core subject and carries maximum marks. Biology can also help you excel in the exam if you have prepared well. Recent years’ papers trend suggests that the difficulty level of Biology has increased over the recent years owing to growing competition in the medical field.

In this course at Kailasha Foundation, our team will try to provide the NEET preparation content as well as free quizzes and mock papers for preparing Biology subject.


The table given below highlights the important topics and marks distribution of Biology across various units in NEET 2016.

S.NO. Chapter Name % Weight Age
1. Diversity in the living world 14%
2. Structural organization in plants and animals 9%
3. Cell structure and functions 7 %
4. Plant physiology 6%
5. Human physiology 17%
6. Reproduction 9%
7. Genetics and evolution 11%
8. Biology and human welfare 9%
9. Biotechnology and its application 11%
10. Ecology and environment 7%
Grand Total 100%

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