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Resolution week over, but don’t break your commitment to fitness

Resolution week over, but don’t break your commitment to fitness

Most of you would have started this new year with a commitment to stay fit.

Well, we all know that fitness is the most common new year resolution but the commitment to stay fit turns down to failure, waiting to get added in the next year fitness resolution. And it happens every single year. The reasons for failure are many but the main reasons are a weak mindset and inability to adapt with the change.

Well, if you are here and reading this, then these 5 ideas will really bring a great change to your fitness game:

  • Start exercising, avoid gym

This is the biggest failure in the list that people get the gym membership but most of them get fail by the end of the week. We have to believe that human can’t sustain the sudden changes and there are great chances to bounce back to the comfort zone.

So, take a 10-minute workout challenge for 25 days and first learn to build a habit, but the most important thing here is timing. You have to work out at the same time every day, oscillating to 25 days. This will create a habit and now you can take up the ‘change’ and can move ahead towards the half-hour schedule and so on.

  • Less caffeine, more water

It is sad but true that caffeine is fooling us in this era. People are relying too much on the caffeine-driven energy. But the truth is that caffeine only kills the sense of tiredness. In easy words, “you are tired but your brain will not feel it”. You are not active in reality but caffeine makes u believe that you are active.

When you feel tired, you should just drink a glass of water and feel the change. Oxygen present in the water is completely able to drive our minds to the next level in less than 1 minute, but we have a strong presumption that the best thing always comes with a price.

  • Less refined, more whole (grains)

This will be one of the most difficult thing for you to do, but will be the most prominent. The refined grains are unknowingly the big part of the diet and merely ‘OATS EATING’ won’t make your health resolution work.

Try to eat more whole grains and also try to avoid the refined grains. To avoid refined grains, one has to check the nutrition level before buying even 10-Rupee snack but many a times one doesn’t take a look at that. Generally, we will find more nutritious food a bit expensive but this commitment will boost the metabolism and energy.

  •  Unpack the packed

This might be surprising but is true that packing comes with its own limitations. Even the packed oats have some unhealthy characteristics due to the preservatives added for the packing.

Yes, it is also true that you can’t completely avoid packaged food but you can minimize it to the limit like “buying peanuts instead of peanut butter”, as both have the same nutritional value.

You can do the same with the snacks and juices you have for a better and more healthy approach. The bright side is that it will save both, your health and pocket.

  • Trust nature

This may sound strange but is true. In today’s world of globalization and marketing, we are more attracted to the market and the things which are less in the current geographical area. We are more attracted towards the imported fruits, grains and oils only to show off and sometimes the myt that we have the more healthy life.

The truth is that every geographical region has the characteristics to support the life system according to the climate. Using some good stuff of other ecological system is good but total switching is a completely bad idea. Sometimes being desi is completely healthy.

Start slow, bring the change and make the health game BIG. Fitness is not the gym, it’s the state of the mind and body.

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About Nitesh Narayan

Nitesh Narayan is a fitness adviser, and a Commerce educator.

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