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Kinematics Mock – 1

Kinematics Mock – 1

Kinematics Mock Test by KFDN

“Kinematics” Mock Test is brought to you by Kailasha Foundation- Fun & Learn Portal to help you boost yourself for JEE, NEET, and other competitive exams with our specially tailored content from the subject. With this test, we have delivered 20 questions from the topic of Kinematics to you in an interactive mock test environment which will help you for the preparation of your Exam.


  1. You have 20 minutes to attempt this test.
  2. All questions carry equal marks and each correct answer will give you 4 marks.
  3. You will be awarded minus one mark for each wrong answer.


All content at Kailasha Foundation is free and will always be. Share with friends, challenge them and have fun while learning. That’s why “Fun & Learn”. If you find any error(s) in this Mock test, then do report from the “Contact Us” tab above on our website. Thanks for being a valuable user. Happy Learning!


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