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Theatre in Education

Theatre in Education

There are different forms of education proceeding with numerous changes and add-ons. Evolving of Theatre in education is relatively new to the education system.

It took birth in Britain in the 1960s, as a project undertaken by the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry. Due to several forming of revolutions and protests, education and theatre got affected deeply. Nearby city councilors and neighborhood teachers, developed a composed arrangement of instructive effort – utilizing dramatic execution and dramatization workshops to investigate issues of social, political and moral significance as a major aspect of a free support of the youngsters of Coventry.

Education was going quite far away from the listening and talking methods which has been used for centuries. This vintage method got replaced by practical methods in which children started working in a group on projects which helped them to prepare for having a cultured life. The desire for theatre in education to find theatre outside the room was a big step.

TIE follows many characteristics such as

• The cast should have the small number of members for neat and versatile acting.
• There should be a clear thought process about the role.
• Audience involvement is a must.
• Facts and figures in the role are needed.
• Production should come up with some moral at the end of the role.

There are many benefits of TIE like:

• Imagination: Thinking towards a next level and coming with new and creative ways for a similar level of role.

• Self- Confidence: Performing in front of the audience gives the energy to gain confidence and trust your own skills which are helpful for a student to move forward in his life as well as in career.

• Concentration: While performing a role in a play, it creates a continuous attention to the individual’s voice, psyche, and body which helps in the growth of life and career.

• Relaxation: It gives a calm and peaceful reward to the mind and body decreasing all kinds of anxiety.


Working for industries for free by contacting them directly will help to gain experience and techniques. This is the best way to begin an acting career. Volunteering at your local theatres will help a lot to gain knowledge about the happenings in theatres. For example- being a part of a small play and showing your acting skills helps an individual to increase the chances of getting into big theatre industries.


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