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Stop running after MBA – MBE is the next big thing

Stop running after MBA – MBE is the next big thing

“What after graduation?”

This is the most common question which comes in the mind of every undergraduate student. You are in a complicated mess, what to pursue in life, which career will yield maximum opportunities, which will provide future security etc. Your parents are expecting a well-paid job out of you, whereas your friends are pressurizing you to do an MBA. Still, you are not sure whether MBA is the right option for you. You may want to go for a managerial degree which is more comprehensive and covers vast subjects. Then, MBE is the option for you.


What is MBE?

The Masters in Business Economics (MBE) is the amalgamation of management, business, and economics techniques. This course is based on economic principles which help in making decisions according to the changing business environment. It provides an in-depth view in markets to understand and anticipate the behavior in future. MBE, a master of problem-solving and tackling management challenges that a growing business might throw.

The main objective of the course is to create management professionals who can apply economics theories in effective management.

MBE is a two-year period course with four semesters of studies. Students are given a strong grounding in fundamentals of micro and macroeconomics, quantitative techniques and other relevant functional areas.


Most colleges require an undergraduate degree is commerce or business studies with an aggregate of 50 per cent. Those who wish to apply from the science, engineering, or arts background have to meet a 55 per cent criterea. This will vary from one institute to another.

Career Prospects-

Career scope is immense. Pursuing an MBE will get you at the right places, fast. You can land a plum job in the multi-national corporations as well as companies.

The opening could be one in organisations like the Indian Oil Corporation, LG Electronics, National Housing Bank, Prudential ICICI, SAIL, American Express Bank, Citibank, Coca Cola, HDFC and CICI Bank, TCS, HTA, TERI, PWC and Ernst and Young.

You could serve as consultants, resource economists, policy advisors or analysts in a number of public and private sector organizations. Research in the area of economics is also a prospect you could look into. The starting salary of an MBE graduate can be anywhere between Rs 3 lakh to Rs 4.5 lakh and can grow even more. The popularity of this programme can be gauged from the fact that it is being offered worldwide, in over 30 universities, including the Harvard Business School.

MBA in Business Economics today attracts people who have the potential and drive to lead, own, create and transforms business enterprises. The program provides candidates an ability to use the basics of business and to incorporate them into the highly advanced & ever-changing global marketplace. It provides a strong foundation in economic principles. The program does not presume prior knowledge or training in economics. It develops the economic skills and problem-solving skills.

So MBA vs MBE?

It depends on your likings and taste. If you’re more interested in the economic aspects, then an MBE is for you. A course in MBE covers Finance, Marketing, and Economics that make it as good as an MBA degree!


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I am from Patna Women's College and currently pursuing B.Com. (hons) 2nd year. I dream of starting my own business one day. I love painting and to read novels.

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