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Sports Quiz challenge – Score more than 10 in first attempt

Sports Quiz challenge – Score more than 10 in first attempt

Sports Quiz is brought to you by Kailasha Foundation – Fun & Learn Portal to help you boost yourself for the sports section of general knowledge which is important for many competitive exams. With this sports quiz, we have delivered 20 questions to you in an interactive environment which you are required to answer. Each question is a multiple choice objective, having four choices, out of which only one is correct.

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1. Who is the 1st player from Sri Lanka to be inducted in ICC cricket hall of fame?


2. Who became the 1st Indian batsman to hit 200 sixes in ODI’s?


3. Where will be the home ground for the India team in the FIFA U-17 world cup?


4. Which game would you find skewers, En Passant, forks and discovered attacks.


5. which indian umpire has been recently promoted as umpire for international hockey federation?


6. Where in India did NBA inaugurate it’s first ever academy in India recently?


7. Sakshi Malik with other two female wrestlers won silver medal in the Asian wrestling championship. Name them.


8. Name the south African city which has lost the chance to host the 2022 common wealth games.


9. Who won their first confederation cup title in July 2017?


10. Name the US golfer who had 11 successive tournaments win in 1945.


11. Name the player who holds the record of winning maximum no. Of caps for Wales in rugby union.


12. How many medals are achieved by India at the China world para athletics grand prix?


13. Name the first individual Olympic medal winner from India?


14. Steve bloomer is associated with which sport?


15. which indian company was the prime sponsor of new Zealand in champion’s trophy 2017?


16. Where were the ICC world Twenty20 tournament be held in 2018?


17. Name the person who holds the second and third place for most yards rushing in a single season in the NFL?


18. Name the horse who won the English, Scottish and Welsh grand nationals.


19. Which Indian woman cricketer has been offered honorary life membership at the Marylebone cricket club recently?


20. Name the first Welsh side to win the FA cup?


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source: wikipedia and other internet resources

All content at Kailasha Foundation is free and will always be. Share with friends, challenge them and have fun while learning. That’s why “Fun & Learn”. If you find any error(s) in this quiz, then do report from the “Contact Us” tab above in our website. Thanks for being a valuable user. Happy Learning!

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