What foolproof strategies to follow to crack UPSC?


Hi, I am a
B.Tech graduate and working. I get only two hours per day. If I target UPSC 2019, what strategy should I opt? On Sundays, I’m free.

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  1. There should be a proper strategy to opt for any competitive examination. So, UPSC examination is also not an exception. As we talk about strategy, you should prepare well for the fundamental subjects. For this, you should study NCERT books of 6th-12th standard very well but keep in mind that you have to study only those subjects which are asked in UPSC examination. Along with that keep reading The Hindu, Indian Express or Dainik Jagran (National Edition) newspapers and have an opinion on the events happening in the world; for that watch debates on Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha TV and such programs. For the preparation of those subjects ( of syllabus ), some books are listed below-
    Indian Polity: M. Lakshmikant
    Indian History & Art: Spectrum
    Science & Technology: Spectrum and Pariksha Vani ( Current Affairs are asked from this section )
    Geography: Mahesh Barnwal
    Disaster Management: ARC Report
    Internal Security: Class Notes of any Coaching Institute
    Ethics, Integrity & Interest: ARC Report and Arihant Publication
    Keep reading the newspapers for current affairs and along with that notes of IS Vision which are available on websites of IS Vision are beneficial. As you have said that you get only two hours of time in a day, so I would advise you only this that studying smarter is better than studying harder. A proper strategy would help you achieve success. Best wishes for your bright future.

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