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Can you tell me about self publishing?
How good is kindle for it?

Please suggest something.

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  1. Hi

    Kindle is just awesome. If you wish to earn some money with your writing, just go for it. They are getting advanced every day. No wastage of time or money. Try Kindle KDP. If you have a good manuscript and you can find a good independent editor/proofreader to help you with your MS.
    Once you MS is ready,  you just need to open an account Kindle KDP and upload you book MS. I will suggest having a good book cover because that will almost decide all your earnings. They are sold on Amazon and on the first look, readers get attracted by cover only. Kindle KDP also make it very easy to go back and make changes anywhere.


    Hope this will help you. Feel free to ask anything from Kailasha Foundation. Happy learning and we wish you good luck.

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