i want to be an ips officer how to prepare after 12 in commerce section with economics honrs.?



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  1. Hi,

    For becoming IPS you have to go for UPSC exam.

    The syllabus of exam for aspirants of different streams is different only for the optional subjects which you choose for your mains exam.
    Prior to the main exam, there is a preliminary exam of 400 marks. After clearing preliminary exam you can apply for mains and in you have to choose optional subject.
    As being from commerce with Economics honrs either you can either choose commerce or economics as an optional subject and go for the exam.

    For the preparation you have to work very hard from the 12th itself.

    There is a huge syllabus for the UPSC exams and trying to cover that from the initial stage will help you alot.

    I hope it helps.

  2. Hi,

    Being a commerce student along with Economics, I hope that you will choose either commerce or economics as an optional subjects.
    Now Since commerce is a broad subject which includes Economics as a part of it so choosing commerce will require more efforts with all the commerce subjects like Tax, Law, Accountancy etc.
    So you can plan to opt for Economics.
    Now start studying Economics from the very first and try to learn each and every aspect by keeping mind in UPSC exam syllabus.
    There will be two papers from optional subjects which will be your plus point and you have to perform very well in these two papers.
    Apart from that you have to work on following topics from the very start.

    1. Excellent knowledge of current events of national and international importance
    2. History of India and Indian National Movement.
    3. Indian and World geography
    4. Indian Polity and governance.
    5. Economic and social development
    6. General issues on environmental ecology
    7. comprehension
    8.Interpersonal and communication skills
    9.Logical reasoning and analytical ability
    10.Decision making and problem solving.
    11. General mental ability
    12.Basic mathematics up to class 10th.

    The above topics will help you to qualify preliminary exam. The after you will be able to apply for mains exams.

    For mains exam.
    Note: All the papers in Mains Exam are descriptive type.
    1. Superb English to attempt questions of comprehension, precise writing, vocabulary and short essay.
    2. Any Indian Language ( can be chosen from a list of languages as per UPSC guidelines) with the same type of questions as of in English.
    The above two paper will be of qualifying nature and will not b counted for any contribution in merit.
    then there will be a series of exams on the following topics.
    1. Essay writing :- You should work on your writing skill and also a good knowledge of issues are required to write an essay.
    2. Paper II will be of Indian Heritage and Culture, history and geography of the world and society.
    3. Paper III will be of Governance, constitution, polity, social justice and international relations.
    4. Paper IV will consist of Technology, Economic Development, Bio diversity, Environment, Security and disaster management.
    5. Paper 5 will consist of Ethics, Integrity and aptitude.
    6. Paper 6th and 7th will be from optional subjects which will be as per chosen by you.
    Finally there will be interview.

    Your merit will be counted on the basis of the marks obtained in the above seven papers and interview.

    So For Preparation of IPS you have to work on all those topics from the very start.

    One advise from my side is that for a start you should first learn from the NCERT books.
    NCERT books from class 6th to 12th contains a brief idea of the first five papers. After that you can move to the specific books for specific topics. Along with all these regular newspaper reading for current events and comprehension skills will be helpful.
    and your optional subjects which are economics and commerce… you must have superb knowledge of them.

    Hope it helps.

    Note: the above answer is based on the recent brochure of the UPCS exam. It may change anytime.

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