How to Score marks in Accounts


How can I obtain good marks in accounts subject?

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  1. Risha chaudhary
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    1.For goods marks in accounts- format of journals, ledger , trial balance , balance sheet , etc should be clear… Many students ignore it but in exam they use – (As on )in place of (for the year ended ) and vice versa… Which may seem minor mistake but its blunder… J.f n L.f confusion…
    So students must have good knowledge of formats as most of student ignore formats and focus on learning entries and while writting exam they end up answering with wrong format or they just make 2-3 lines and post entries….

    Students should have good command over golden rules and concepts & conventions…
    Once they have command over this …there would be no need to learn accounting entries… Like we do. Eg..
    Purchase A/c …dr
    To cash a/c
    Cash A/c…… Dr
    To capital a/c
    Instead try to apply 3 golden rules and concepts and convention then you will not have to learn it… And you can easily prepare ledger and trial balance and so on .

    2.Read complete question carefully first then start solving ….. As a single additional point can change whole scenario and you will end up wasting time by rewritting your answer.

    3.Never overwrite amounts in accounts paper.

    4.For question with additional information – as we know accounting follow dual aspect… All additional information will have dual effect… So pointwise mark in rough paper which two account will be affected by additional information…

    5.Always check amount you have written is correct… Never overwrite or omit careful… Totalling should be done twice… First total 1 side and write in rough paper then total another side ..amount should always tally..equal debit and credit.. If its same write down else check patiently if you hv omitted a zero or have extra zero in any account balance….
    Don’t panic.. Accounts have step marking don’t just cut your whole answer … Time is limited so find your mistake and do correction.

    6. Always have confidence…. You will gain confidence with good preparation. Try to cover your full syllabus.

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