1. Sir I just passed 12th from commerce stream and I want to do graduation from economics so can you tell me sir which is the best book of economics and where I take admission in graduation for economics honors in patna.?
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  1. Risha chaudhary

    Patna University
    Science College
    B.N. College
    are among few options in Patna for Honors in Economics.

    However, given below are few top colleges for graduation in economics-

    1. Delhi University

    A. St. Stephen’s College

    B.shri ram college of commerce

    C. Lady Shri Ram college of commerce

    D. Delhi school of economics

    2. H.R college of commerce and economics, Mumbai

    3.christ University, Bangalore’s College of Commerce, Bengaluru

    5.fergusson College, Pune

    6. Ashoka University, Sonepat

    7. Ethiraj College, Madras

  2. Risha chaudhary

    What you will study now in economics will be completely different from what you have studied in grade 12. Books prescribed by college and teacher’s notes are most preferable. However there are lots of refernce books available in market. Match the content. with your on going semester syllabus before making purchase.

    Few are the best books on micro and macro economics-

    Macro – Soumyen sikder , Mankiw

    Micro – Pindyck rubeenfield,                          Mankiw , Hal R Varian

    Indian economics -Uma Kapila

    You can also refer home publications – S. Chand , Himalaya publishing house as they are student friendly …

    However, i would personally advice you to refer online study notes and pdfs for now and later you can refer these books and many more from college liabrary to make study  notes. Then you can decide to purchase one which is more convenient for you to understand i.e language friendly for you.

    I would like to quote an example regarding this- all marketing students buy philip kottler’s (regarded best for marketing) book but only 50% opens it…

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