I just passed 12th from commerce and I want to do from economics honors and I purchased M.L.Jhingan micro and macro both this book is Best or not.?

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Economics Aditya Nandan 1 year 3 Answers 235 views 0

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  1. Hello Aditya, in context of your query, you cannot do economics from B.COM HONS, you can either do B. A. Eco (Hons.) or B.Com (H). Or you have another option to have Economics as your additional subject while pursuing B.Com(H).
    But if you are more into economics I prefer you to go for Eco. HONS.
    Further, I suggest you to read Foreign Writers readings such as G. N. MANKIW, DORBUSCHE AND FISCHER. You can get these online or book stores in Delhi.

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    • Sir I do from economics honors or not??

    • Further reply from Rahul Jindal (posting this on behalf of him):

      I have told earlier that if you want to make a career in economics then go for economics hons. Else if you are just enticed to study then you can select eco as additional subject in B. COM HONS

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