1. What should I do after 12 th commerce?
  2. Is commerce without maths would affect me in future?
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    Hi, There are lots of things you can do after 12th commerce without Maths.  You can apply for following courses like:                                                                                                                                      BBA                                                                                                                                                                                




    HOTEL MANAGEMENT                                                                                                                                      



    BCOM (MANAGEMENT)                                                                                                                                        


    BCOM (RURALMARKETING)                                                                                                                                                              BCOM(EXPORTIMPORT)                                                                                                                                       

    BCOM (ECONOMICS)                      

    Further completing after graduation in Commerce, you are following career options:-

    CA- Other than this you may also go for CA/CS/ICWA which is one of the most Respectable and Good Career Options available for Commerce Graduates. You may even start after 10+2. You have to clear the three stage Tests to be a CA/CS                                                                                                                                   

    Stage 1: CPT Common Proficiency Test                                                                                                             

    Stage 2: IPCC Integrated Professional Competence Course                                                                    

      Stage 3: CA FINAL

      MBA: You may also apply for MBA after graduation in Commerce. Your commerce background will be very helpful as many subjects in MBA have commerce background.

    UPSC IAS: You may appear for UPSC Civil Services Exam and Compete for the Indian Administrative Services.

    Higher Education and Lectureship: You can continue your Higher education (M.COM) and appear for UGC NET exam and finally qualify for JRF (Junior Research Fellowship) and lectureship posts.
    Bank PO: You can apply for Bank PO Posts in various Public and Private Banks since Commerce background will help in work after getting the Probationary Officer job in Banks.

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    Hello Garima,

    We at Kailasha Foundation are always to help you with your queries 🙂

    You have have lot of things to do after 12th Commerce, as mentioned by Vishal Sir. But you must choose a field of  your interest so as to achieve proficiency.

    And to answer your question, YES mathematics does affect your fufure!

    If you want to pursue HONOURS in any course, there is a must have criteria in renowned universities like University of Delhi or Christ University, Bangalore as well as in renowned college like ST. XAVIERS COLLEGE, KOLKATA, i.e., to have maths as your subject in your senior secondary course (12th boards).

    Colleges under University of Delhi, only prefer that to opt Honours course, the students must have maths as subject but no need to include maths for calculating cut-off percentage, but in college like St. Xavier’s College, they count maths in the cut-off percentage!

    So you can see how maths clearly DOES affects you in future.

    One more example of that is if you go for CA – CPT then you have to pass a QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE paper which includes Maths of 12th.

    Similarly, if you opt Economics (H), then you need to study calculus because of a subject known as Econometrics, and also you have to study BUSINESS MATHEMATICS in B.COM(H/P).

    Hope this will really help.

    Warm Regards

    Rahul Jindal

    Author and Educator

    (Kailasha Foundation)

    • Hello rahul sir and vishal sir
      Actually in my school I can opt eithEr maths or economic so that’s y I opt Economics and study maths at home except trigonometry .so should I change my sUbject or not ?
      And after 12th what should be the best for me I dOnt know? How I can know that in which field my interest is their as I only heard tHe names of this field through mam ,Google and through vishal sir also .so exactly what should I do?there is always too much confusion in my mind about taking field which was best for me .one more que comes intO my mind that if in 12 I got 85+ without maths would help me in getting admissiOn in best collage like iim..or any other …?

      • Hi Garima,

        Let us take a look at each option provided by Vishal sir,

        1. BBA – BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. This course mainly deals with the management and in this course you will be going to study about business, management principles and strategies for different businesses.

        2. BCA – BCA Stands for Bachelor of Computer Application. This course as name suggest is based on computer and in this you will learn about computer and its languages.

        3. BMM – Bachelor of Mass Media – This course focus on media. advertisement and journalism. After completing this course you can go in the advertisement industry as well as in journalism.

        4. BMA – Bachelor of Musical Arts – This course is basically for the students wants to go in the field of music. If you are interested in playing any instrument then this can be an option for you.

        5. – stands for Bachelor of Commerce and the differet subjects mentioned above in Vishal’s answer are main area of study. Basically in you will learn about accounting, law and tax system. If will be with specific subjects then main focus of the graduation will be that subject like in (finance) you will learn more about finance.

        6. CA/CS/CMA – These are the courses which are very specifically designed for commerce students and in these courses you will learn about business, taxation, law, accouting in details.

        7. MBA – For MBA, you must have to acquire a graduation degree. After that as you have mentioned, for pursuing MBA from IIM ( IIM are the prestigious colleges of our country in the field of MBA) you have to clear CAT ( common aptitude test) which is an entrance exam. There are other exams too for pursuing MBA from other famous colleges. MBA is a masters degree and you will learn basically about managing a business and after completing this course you may get job in different companies as a manager depending on your learning during the course.

        8. UPSC (IAS) – If you want to go in administrative services then this is the path for you to enter. For UPSC exam you must have a bachelor degree. Through this entrance exam you can be a district collector.

        9. Lecturer : For becoming a lecturer you have to complete your Phd after masters degree. For phd from prestigious college, there is an exam called “NET”. In this field you have to study very well during your bachelor and masters. You will become lecturer in the subject you will choose for your masters and Phd.

        10. Other competitive exams : This option is basically job specific. Only thing you have to do is acquire a graduation degree. The you will be eligible for these exams like SSC, Bank PO and others. If you are thinking of going in this direction you should start preparing for these exams as soon as you cleared your 12th and started your graduation.

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        Garima, hello again!
        I don’t understand your school curriculum because economics is a core subject and maths is an additional or optional subject for commerce students. So I cant understand why are they asking you to choose between maths and eco. And to answer your query choosing a subject is your call, but i will again mention that getting in good universities like DU and getting an HONOURS course demands mathematics as your earlier subject. Further, I will like to add that economics is also an important subject which can’t be ignored. But you can do one thing that if you are planning for DU you can choose maths for boards and study economics outside which will help you in your grads where you can opt for eco as additional subject and with maths being your subject you can easily get into Delhi University or Christ University.

        Furthermore, again it’s you who can find the interest, like I am entinced with world of finance and economics, similarly you find your own interests too! It’s even not necessary to go into commerce, you can go in any field which excites you.

        Hope, this will help!

        Warm Regards
        Rahul Jindal
        Author and Educator
        (Kailasha Foundation)

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