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About Us

What we do ?

Kailasha Foundation – Fun & Learn Portal is an online education social network created for helping learners to build a dedicated learning atmosphere through knowledge sharing resources, problem solving sections, important descriptive articles and subject groups. Our main objective is to help students on solving their queries to give them basic cum outer knowledge through educational videos and blog posts on important issues related to education which can actually be very interesting. We are working on FREE Open Courses that will be available to all end users free of cost.

Why shall you trust us?

You can find free service from us 24*7. The most educated and sophisticated people from every domain such as Engineering, Law, Commerce, Medical, Arts etc. are ready to help you get the most reliable and relevant answers within 24 hours.

Kailasha Foundation – Bringing Solutions to you,
With Quality and in style.
We believe in Happy Learning.


Our Vision:

Kailasha Foundation is created with a new vision of learning with fun. This is an extraordinary way which attracts the students to study with proper interest and eagerness. Learning and enjoyment together coincides rarely, but yes! It’s possible here at KFDN.

Our Goal:

The supreme objective of our website is to reach each and every student who isn’t getting proper access to studies. We are solving their queries within or much less than 24 hours. Our team is working restlessly to solve all queries to make it possible. We aren’t only upto this much! Much more is here. We are providing free counselling opportunities. The three alumni of NIT Patna (founders of KFDN) are ever ready at your service, along with their wonderful team. For further queries do contact: +91 8294600829, +91 9680887559

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