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Game Design vs Web Design

Game Design vs Web Design

Game Design and Web Design are somehow connected but still are two entirely different fields. When we say Game Design, we think of video games, designing is, all that has to be done. But it’s not all, it requires a lot of programming and so does web designing.

The world of design is huge, Choose what interests you and just go for it.

Game Design:

A game is a whole new world in which, when the player enters, it becomes a part of it. That sort of game is a successful game and it depends upon the game design. The success of a game is totally dependent on the design of the game. So, a game designing team is the most important part of it.

Game design is a process of designing a video game from the scratch to the level of its full representation. It includes a story, story boarding, graphics, and character design, set design, animation and sometimes programming too.

What is basically required is a knowledge in computer animation, Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) and creative writing and in some companies programming too. In some companies, computer designers and programmers are different, though work in the same team and in some they are the same. It’s always preferable to have some programming (C++) knowledge before stepping into the video game designing industry (usually it comes under game development, but it is preferable to know).

Web Design:

The internet is full of creativity that is increasing day by day. Types of websites, blogs, portals, e-commerce than the graphics, logos, videos and there is a lot. It is itself a world in its own. Today, we cannot imagine a life without internet. The web designer is the one who designs everything you see on the internet.

The job of a web designer is designing interface, web graphic design, navigation ergonomics, website layout, website structure, contrasts, fonts, colors, imagery, animation, videos, icons design and information architecture. People generally get confused between web design and development. So, I’d like to put it simply, the one who designs everything in a software like Photoshop or any graphic software is a web designer and the one who basically runs it on the server with the help of Html, CSS, PHP and other programming languages, is a web developer.

Difference between the career in Web Design and Game Design:

The difference between a web designer and a game designer is not very huge, yet very specific. There are a number of basic skills that are the same in both the fields. Here, what matters is your interest area. Though the number of required web designers is more than game designers, the difference is not really huge. A person with these skills can opt for any of the two career options and can become a professional.


Both the career options are equally promising and advantageous,it depends on the person that what interests him more. 

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