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Individual subjects coaching vs all subjects coaching under a roof- what is good for IIT-JEE  aspirants in North India?

Individual subjects coaching vs all subjects coaching under a roof- what is good for IIT-JEE aspirants in North India?

IIT-JEE. One of the toughest exams in our country, and probably in the world. Cracking this exam is a dream for every high school student who is studying PCM as a combination in his/her 11th and 12th. At the same time, preparing for it becomes a nightmare for them. 14 Lakh+ students appear for IIT-JEE for only 25 Thousand seats (IITs- 10K + NITs- 15K), so only 2% of the students appearing, lastly make it to their dreams.

To increase their chance of success, students like to get into a good coaching institution. Here comes the decision – which coaching institution should they take admission into? Should they go for a single coaching where all subjects are under a roof, or should they choose individual teachers which are good in a certain subject (Physics/Chemistry/Maths)? Or, should they sit at home and prepare by self-study?

The decision is equally tough for their parents. They have to consider a more important point – Budget. By observing the economic status of our demography, we can know that North India is comparatively poor than South India. Also, South India has rather a systematic education system, which lacks in North India up to some extent. So North India is specifically mentioned in the topic.

How to prepare for JEE? Some opt for Coaching and some believe in self-study without coaching. Self Study is the most important aspect which no one can deny, but coaching certainly gives an edge. Good coaching/tuitions always give ample time to do self-study.

The success of a coaching institution depends on its teachers. A good teacher clears the basic concepts and clears all the doubts of the student. He/she also motivates his/her students time to time.

The following points can be taken into account while choosing coaching institute or individual teacher.

  1. The quality of Education: – This point is of prime importance as this is what the motive for joining a coaching. One should choose the place which has a better quality of education however if the quality is not the factor to discriminate then further points will be helpful.
  2. Location: – This is also important because if the place of coaching is very far from the room, then it will affect the studies in an adverse way. This will increase physical and mental fatigue. So, one should opt for a place which is nearer and easily accessible. This easy access will add security too.
  3. Budget: – There may be chances that a complete coaching will charge less and total sum cost of individual tuition will be high. One should keep this factor in mind while choosing the option.
  4. Security: – What if individual teacher met with an accident? Is there any back up with him/her. If not then it is not advisable to go there because in any causality, ultimately you will be the one who pays off. Generally, there are alternates available with the complete coachings but individual teachers do not have alternates and if they have, in that case too your requirement will not be fulfilled as you are there for the particular teacher.
  5. Time: – Going to a place and sitting there for three classes of 2 hours each is easy than going to three different places for the same. So, complete coaching saves your time whereas going to individual teacher requires your daily time for travel which adds to fatigue too. So to take guidance of good teachers, students take classes of different subjects from different teachers however if their tuition centers are far apart, then commuting from one place to another waste their time and drains their energy. So it is preferable to find good teachers under one roof, hence to opt for coaching.
  6. Subject: – If one is looking coaching for only one or two subjects and can prepare rest at his/her own then individual coaching will be the best option for JEE preparation.

Also, classes should not be too long so that students can get enough time in the day for their self-study. At last, self-study is the most important aspect which no one can deny. A perfect blend of self-study and good guidance can make you reach your goal.



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  1. Well Summarized mam 🙂

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